Emergency Troubleshooting Help

Furnace help in Kingston

Major Emergencies 

Smell Gas (Natural Gas and Propane Gas Have a Rotten Egg Smell) - Immediately get out of the home or building and call 911 and they will contact the fire department.  Then call Air On HVACR United to come make the according repairs, adjustments or updates for you to ensure everything is safe.

Carbon Monoxide - (The Silent Killer)  All and every fuel burning appliance can and could produce carbon monoxide.  If something happens to your appliance and produces carbon monoxide it has no smell and can cause serious health problems or even the risk of death.  Definitely make sure you have a carbon monoxide detector and that its within its lifespan within your home or workplace.  Also if your detector goes off do not play around it means its doing its job and your furnace, boiler or hot water tank is spilling carbon monoxide and the situation should be addressed right away.  Determine how severe the situation is and immediately get out of the home or building and call 911 and they will contact the fire department.  Then call Air On HVACR United to come make the according repairs, adjustments or updates for you to ensure everything is safe.

Electrical Spark Overload - If you see sparking immediately take action.  Determine how severe the situation is and always err on the side of caution.  If severe then exit the building or home and call 911, then call Air On HVACR United for the proper repairs or updates.  If the situation is not severe then shut off the power at the breaker and call Air On to set up a check of the circuit.

Refrigerant Leak - Refrigerant leaks are ozone depleting.  All air conditioning and refrigeration systems are sealed piping systems that should never lose refrigerant charge.  If your system is low in charge then there is a leak present within the system somewhere.  Refrigerant has to be treated carefully and a technician will be required to try and source the leak and make according repairs.  

Email:  airon@aironservices.com

Heating, Refrigeration or Air Conditioning Service Call - Preliminary Checks

1st Check - Ensure all power is on!  Check the electrical breaker in your panel and check your systems main power switch.  Main switch for a furnace, boiler or air handler looks like a regular light switch and is generally located at the entrance to the unit room or at the top or around your basement stairs.  An air conditioner's main power switch is located outside near the outdoor unit location.

2nd Check - Ensure that the batteries within your thermostat are good and new.  Thermostat screen is blank.  Some thermostats get power from the heating system itself and some use a set of AA or AAA batteries to operate.  If these batteries get low it won't turn on your system.  You may need to reprogram your thermostat when you replace them.

3rd Check - Check your filter!  #1 of calls we receive during heating or cooling season is the cause of a dirty filter.  If you have a forced air system with duct then save the longevity of your systems life by replacing your filter regularly.  A dirty filter can cause no heat calls and no cooling calls.  The arrow on the filter points towards the furnace.

Air conditioner has water on the floor, AC is not cooling .

Air conditioner is frozen above the furnace is frozen up like an ice ball.  This likely means the coil inside the duct wasn't getting air across it because the filter was clogged starving the coil for air.  What you need to do is shut off your furnace at the power switch, replace the filter(arrow points towards the furnace) with a new one and wait until that ice melts away before you turn in back on.  You can turn just the fan on and leave cooling off to help speed up the melting process but you will want to monitor it because it will be a bunch of water being generated, lay down some towels.  If if continues to freeze up or the filter is clean and it has frozen up then call Air On because there is something wrong a technician should likely look at and we are here to help.

Furnace not working, Furnace light blinking red. This could mean the filter is clogged dirty and needs replacement and the furnace is going off on high limit as a safety.  If it was off on the safety you will need to reset the furnace at the main power switch by simply just turning it off then back on and the furnace should start back up.  If you don't have a spare filter for the night after resetting your furnace that is ok you can run the furnace without one but you should put one in as soon as you can.

4th Check -Time Delay!  Air conditioning systems generally 5 minute time delay to prevent short cycling of the compressor.  Heating systems could run a fan for a set period of time then start up the heating, this delay is usually around 90 seconds.  Please give your system a few minutes to turn on as most systems have a time delay to check safeties prior to turning on.

5th Check - Fault Indicator Lights!  Most systems now have a flashing indicator light which can help detect what the problem fault is.  Most faults flash a series of lights in a sequence or give you a letter and a number which then you can refer to the unit manual or a label, sticker, plate located within the unit or on a door of the unit.  This label will show you a fault chart which will give your what the error is.  If you can provide this information to us it will help us with the repairs required for your system.   Generally these are repairs that will require a technician.  Call Air On HVAC & Refrigeration United for the required repairs or service.  Most older units don't have indicator fault lights and may require a technician to diagnose fault.

Green light generally means good and waiting for a call of heating or cooling.

Red lights generally mean bad and some example safety fault lights are:

Gas valve

24V fault

Limit switch open or closed

Pressure switch open or closed

Fan or motor fault

No 120V Main Power